The API for Payment, Vouchers and Customer Loyalty

For E-commerce

| All relevant payment methods

| Tokenization of credit cards and other means of payment to be reused for

| One-Click-Checkout
| Reccuring Payments
| Subscriptions

| Cross-channel feature for in-store pickup and payment

For Cash Registers

| Gift cards

| Customer cards for loyalty programs

| Purchasing cards with monthly debiting

| Prepaid charge (T-Mobile, Vodafone, etc.)

| POS activation cards (Amazon, i-Tunes, etc.)

For Websites

| Smart Checkout can be started from any website

| Easy JavaScript integration

For Platforms

| Management of mixed baskets

| Stakeholder payments – distribution of incoming payments

| Billing of Affiliates

| Transfer of transaction data to EC terminals to carry out card payments

The secuconnect API combines electronic payment transactions with vouchers, bonus programs and coupons in e-commerce, m-commerce, and floor trading!

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